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GCF Industries Sdn. Bhd is the nation’s leading manufacturer with Hevea Brasiliensis – light hard species specializing in finger joint and edge glued panels.

Our product are customs made to buyer’s specification.

At GCF Industries we control all aspects of the manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials to the delivery of finished product.

To offer a more personalized service, we are able to modify our production line to accommodate customer’s requirement.

We, GCF Industries Sdn. Bhd. are exporter, manufacturer and supplier of furniture components.

We are specialist producers of Hevea Brasiliensis wood species on building materials, a field where our expertise is beyond question.

A combination of skill and sincere workmanship combines to create appealing woodworked of art.

It is a measure of our success that we have satisfied client both at home in Malaysia and aboard like Holland, U.S.A, Canada, Italy, France, Denmark, N.Ireland, Japan and Philippines.

Our Products

Our finger joint laminated boards are tailored to your specific requirement for

•  FJ/BJ/Edge glued/Laminated boards
•  Staircase Compartment
•  Profile or shaped laminate panels
•  Semi-machined Components
•  Kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts
•  Counter tops
•  Table-tops
•  Kitchenware – cutting boards, Blocks, End grain & Island tops
•  Building Materials, etc…..

Available Sizes

•  Length up to 4500mm
•  Thickness ranging from 18mm – 45mm
•  Width up to 1220mm
•  Profile is available upon request
•  Special packaging is also available upon buyer’s requirements

Material Used

OTHER NAMES Rubbertree (Malaysia, Singapore),
Para rubber (Thailand), Arbol de caucho (Venezuela)
Seringueira-branca, rapa (Fiji) Jebe De Para( French)
Sibi-sibi (Guyana).

It is an environmental friendly wood species that is also a plantation wood. Hevea wood is a species in the timber trade having been introduced to the market in the late 1970's.

It is a light hardwood with an air-dried density averaging 640 kg/m3. Its wide usage in downstream processing is due to its favourable matching properties, attractive color and ready availability. It's color is range from beige to tinted pink and dark pink or red.


Our process starts from sawmilling, timber preservation processing, kiln drying facility, complete to up stream processess for lamination of boards as well as coating facility.

With these arrangements under one roof, we are able to provide stringent control of our timber quality as well as shorter lead-time to meet customer’s urgent request.

Customs made are available and with our CNC facility ensures accuracy of measurements. Our widest stair case tread are available up to 14’.
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